Whois Privacy Protection with DICTAHOST

WHOIS Privacy Protection is beyond question the proper solution for anyone who would like to have his sensitive information out of the general public. When using the Whois Privacy Protection service delivered by DICTAHOST, there is no doubt that your private data will definitely be secure and that nobody is ever to see it.
Simply by putting a system email within your Whois contacts, we’re going to narrow all the incoming emails and allow through only essential announcements just like transfer authorization demands. Because of this, you won’t be troubled by spammers or those who want to abuse your privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Resulting from a registry–imposed constraint, DICTAHOST can not deliver the Whois Privacy Protection solution to all domain names out there. If the TLD can handle this kind of service by registry regulation, only then we may offer it to you too. However, almost all the favored domain names extensions include Whois Privacy Protection support.
These TLDs include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .cc and .we.bs.

SSL Certificates

Pick up SSL certificates straight from your CP

In case you run a web store, which accepts credit card payments, it’s extremely important that you offer your visitors a safe payment information submission page. And this is exactly where SSL certificates come into play – they encode the connection between your site and the client. Typically, you have to go to a 3rd–party distributor to order an SSL certificate. This is not the situation with DICTAHOST.

At DICTAHOST, you’ll be able to get a conventional SSL certificate or even a wildcard SSL certificate directly from your Control Panel.

SSL Certificates

Wildcard Domains

Set up a wildcard domain with just a click of the mouse

With the help of the Wildcard DNS functionality, you will be able to make all your active sub–domains redirect to the index page of your website. For example, if somebody enters any.domain.com or smth.domain.com, they will visit http://domain.com/.

You may need the Wildcard DNS feature for a multi–site application such as Joomla Multi–Site or WordPress.

To activate a wildcard domain name, proceed to the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and then click the Add Host button located on the right. At the bottom of the options list, you’ll see the Wildcard Domain check box.

Wildcard Domains

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Put together location–based redirections

The Domain Manager offers you the opportunity to address a given audience based on its country of origin. Using the GeoIP location tool, you can easily forward the visitors from a particular region to a particular section of your website that addresses their demands. For example, if you want to build a French version of your web site, you can set up a subdomain fr.your–website.com and use the tool to forward the individuals from France and from the French–speaking countries around the world to this sub–domain.

The GeoIP location tool offers an intuitive interface through which you’ll be able to set up a redirection with just a click of the mouse. There’s no necessity to insert any code in the .htaccess file.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Domain Redirection

Domain name redirection designed hassle–free

If you need to point your domain name to some other site or a sub–domain to a different section of your web site, we have the perfect solution for you. You will no longer need to make use of URL redirection stratagems – you can perform these procedures via our handy domain redirection tool.

All you have to do to forward your domain is define where it will lead. Our intelligent tool will perform the rest and your domain will start pointing to the new location right away.

Domain Redirection

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